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Levels of Care

Daily Rates
Daily Rates

Care Center Daily Rates

***Rates effective 12/1/23

Type of Care Daily Rate
Standard Custodial Care $450.00
Alzheimer's Special Care $468.00
Post Acute Care $642.00

There are 1, and 2 bedrooms. Due to limited bed availability, the resident is assigned to the bed that is available at the time of admission.

Post-Acute  Care
Post-Acute/Subacute Care

The DuPage Care Center (DPCC) partners with Symbria to meet the rehabilitative needs of the residents.  Symbria provides onsite clinical services for both post-acute and subacute and long-term care residents. 

The dedicated and experienced post-acute care teams' goal is to help the patient, and their family, regain the lifestyle that was changed as a result of illness or injury.  Symbria at DuPage Care Center integrates their specialized rehab skills with the talents and abilities of the DuPage Care Center medical, nursing and care management staff.  This collaboration provides unparalleled post-acute medical and rehabilitative services including 24-hour Nursing and Physiatrist-directed care within a comfortable, supervised environment.  

Physician Team

The Patient care team is led by an experienced team of physicians. Your medical needs will be directed by our internal Medicare specialist and your rehabilitation needs will be managed by physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Angelo Miele is the Medical Director at DuPage Care Center.


The nursing team is specially trained and will work with patients in planning care and meeting goals from the time you arrive until you leave. The nurses will ensure that ongoing education and coordination of services are provided to help patients meet their rehabilitation or medical goals.

Rehabilitative Program Manager

The Symbria Program Manager is responsible for coordinating all of the Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services on the Subacute unit.

Residency Requirements

Admission to the subacute program is on a short-term basis. DPCC does provide separate long-term care that can be applied for. PLEASE NOTE: Being admitted to the subacute unit does not guarantee permanent placement at DuPage Convalescent Center. If you have any questions regarding our residency requirements, please contact our admissions office at 630-784-4315.

You Want the Best

The partnership between DuPage Care Center and Symbria was created to provide the best and most cost-effective subacute rehabilitation and medical care possible. To find out more about our program or to schedule a tour, please call 630-784-4315 today. Alternately, you may email DPCC@dupagecounty.gov.

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
The physical therapists will use specialized techniques and equipment to strengthen muscles, increase endurance, maintain and/or increase range of motion and teach mobility skills such as walking with or without assistive devices. 

The occupational therapists will help maximize independence by working with you on your activities for daily living (ADLs), including dressing, bathing, eating and homemaking skills.

The speech-language pathologists will evaluate and help you to improve your comprehension and thinking/memory skills, production of speech and language, swallowing safety and may provide hearing screening.
Clinical Case Manager
The clinical case manager will assist in understanding the level of care available for each individuals' personal needs.  They will work with patients and families at DuPage Care Center including scheduling conferences and coordinating services and/or equipment that is needed upon discharge.
Patient Care Conference
A patient care conference is scheduled after a patient arrives.  The physician will review the team’s findings, goals and individualized treatment plan and partner with the patient and family to meet the treatment plan.  A tentative discharge date is set at the initial meeting.  Meetings continue on a regular basis throughout the patients stay.  
Family Education and Training
A family education-training day is coordinated by the clinical case manager prior to or in conjunction with the patient care conference. The purpose of the session is to provide your family or other caregivers with the opportunity to learn the patients care needs, meet with the therapists to discuss treatment goals and progress and practice hands-on techniques if necessary. Additional family education training visits may be scheduled throughout the patients stay.
Preparing to Leave
As soon as you arrive, the care team will gather information about the patients functional abilities and determine the goals and skills needed to function independently at home or in another setting. The team will focus on achieving these goals during your stay. The therapists and nurses will make recommendations for equipment and home care to ensure the patient will return to a safe environment. The clinical case manager will discuss adaptive equipment or home health care services, which the patient may need and the resources that are available in the community.
Post-Acute to Long-Term Care

Admission to the post-acute program is on a short-term basis. DuPage Care Center does provide separate long-term care.  Patients interested in long-term care must apply.  PLEASE NOTE: Being admitted to the post-acute unit does not guarantee permanent placement at DuPage Care Center.  If you have any questions regarding long-term care admission, please speak with the clinical case manager or call the admissions office at 630-784-4315.

Long-Term/Custodial Care
Long Term Care
The facility is divided into 8 different units/neighborhoods anchored by individual nursing stations. Each unit/neighborhood has a head nurse, dedicated nursing staff as well as a recreation coordinator and clinical case manager.  Residents’ needs are met through the development of an interdisciplinary plan of care. Residents and their families are part of this team approach and are invited to attend care plan meetings within thirty days of admission and at least every ninety days thereafter.  Family and community involvement is strongly encouraged.
Alzheimer Special Care
Alzheimer Special Care
Recognizing the unique needs of these individuals, the DuPage Care Center has a specially designed treatment and activity program for individuals with Alzheimer's and related disorders.  The unit is located on the third floor of the center wing and provides care to a small group of resident who require this level of care.  A private dining and activity area along with a lounge and sunroom are available to provide a complete and secure environment.

The staff is specially trained to work with persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s and related disorders. They work with the residents to maintain the highest level of functioning, provide dignity and to create a plan of care that meets the needs of each individual.

Family participation is encouraged at they play a very important role in maintaining the resident's dignity.  

Admission or placement on the Special Care Unit must meet the Center’s medical guidelines.
Young Adult Care
Young Adult Care

The DuPage Care Center has a long history of serving the long-term care needs of chronically ill persons starting at age 18. Many of the young residents live at the DuPage Care Center as a result of spinal cord and brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, central nervous system disorders and cerebrovascular accidents with paralysis. Young residents receive the same full range of therapeutic interventions as the older residents.

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