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Meet the Care Team

The DuPage Care Center offers a diverse Interdisciplinary Clinical Team to meet the needs of the residents.  This team addresses patient/resident needs from a multitude of aspects and work in parallel to devise a care plan to maximize the outcome for the patient/resident.  The team focuses on improved patient/resident outcomes, improved efficiency and clear goals.  The Interdisciplinary Team partners with the patient/resident and their loved ones to improve quality of life.

Interdisciplinary Team
Medical Director and Support Physicians

The DuPage Care Center has Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners that lead the interdisciplinary team in the care of the patients/residents.  They round the facility daily and provide on call coverage to ensure they address changes in medical conditions quickly and efficiently.  The following physicians provide regular services at the DuPage Care Center:

  • Angelo Miele, MD, Medical Director
  • John R. Born, DO
  • Shahla Nyaeme, MD
  • Muhammad Sharif, MD
  • Victoria Coraglio, MD-Wound Care
  • Christopher Pasquale, MD-Physiatrist
  • Toby Motycka PsyD -Psychology

Patients/Residents may use their personal physician; however, physicians must be formally credentialed with the facility.  

Physicians - Medical Specialists

The following Physician Services are available to patients/residents at the DuPage Care Center:

  • Physiatry
  • Psychiatry
  • Infection Disease
  • Wound Care
  • Psychological Services/Counseling
  • Podiatry Care
  • Dental Services
  • Vision Care
Nursing Staff
The Nursing Staff at DuPage Care Center provides the care to the Patients/Residents. 

Their primary roles consist of:
  • Developing, coordinating and implementing the Plan of Care
  • Administering Medications and Treatments
  • Monitoring Vital Signs
  • Operating Medical Equipment
  • Documenting information in the Medical Record.  
  • Assisting with Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, grooming and dining support)
  • Providing therapeutic treatments such as range of motion
  • Offering education, emotional support and guidance for patients/residents and their loved ones.  
Each unit/neighborhood has a diverse team of nursing staff that include:
  • Head Nurses
  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Rehabilitation Aides
  • Certified Nursing Associates
  • Unit Secretaries
The Care Center provides additional oversight of an Infection Control Nurse, Wound Nurse and a Staff Education Nurse.  
Nutrition and Dining Support

The Dining Services Department is responsible food preparation for the facility.  The department prepares over 40,000 meals per month for residents and over 80,000 a month county-wide to staff, volunteers and visitors to cafeterias within the DuPage Care Center, DuPage County Court House and the and JTK Administration Building.

Diet modifications are established with input from physicians. Each resident receives a prescribed diet upon admission. The Clinical Nutrition Staff, Food Production Supervisor and Manager of Dining Services prepare menus that are changed seasonally. The Dietitian or the Diet Technicians perform a nutritional assessment on admission to further refine diet modifications and gather resident food preferences.

Residents within specific clinical criteria are strongly encouraged to eat in the Residents Dining Room for socialization. The Residents Dining Room offers waited table service for both Lunch and Dinner each day.

All residents are invited to a monthly Food Committee Meeting held the third Friday of every Month. Topics focus on specific Dining Services compliments and concerns, as well as cooperative menu selection for our monthly resident choice meal, and other special occasions.

Catering Services for meetings or milestone family celebrations are also available. Please contact Dining Services at 630-784-4416 for more information.  


The DuPage Care Center offers a full range of on-site pharmaceutical services to the patients/residents of the facility. The center employs three pharmacists.

These services include:

  • Licensed personnel available on the premises 7 days a week.  
  • Pharmacist on-call 24 hours a day
  • Unit dose medication dispensing
  • IV Admixture Service
  • Consulting pharmacy services, including:
    • monthly drug regimen review
    • education of residents and staff regarding appropriate drug use
    • adverse drug reaction monitoring
    • medication error monitoring
    • psychotropic drug monitoring
    • pharmacokinetic dosing
Clinical Case Management

Each unit/neighborhood has a Clinical Case Manager on Staff.  This individual plans, implements and evaluates patient/resident care needs and identifies resources necessary for care.  They proactively coordinate timely and accurate communication regarding patient/resident benefits level, service needs and when necessary, discharge planning.  The Clinical Case Manager works closely with the Patient/Resident and their loved ones to meet the resident's social, emotional and physical needs.  They collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to develop an appropriate care plan, schedule care plan meetings and coordinating referrals based on insurance coverage.  The clinical case manager serves as the patient/resident advocate to utilize internal and/or community resources to meet the medical, social and/or financial needs of the patient/resident.  

Covid-19 Vaccine Info Sheet

Hospice & End of Life Care
Hospice is care at the end of life.  The DuPage Care Center Partners with several Hospice providers to support patients/residents and families.  Hospice services are provided by a team of professionals who maximize comfort for a person who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. To help families, hospice care also provides counseling, respite care and practical support.  The Clinical Case Manager will assist with coordination of Hospice and end of life care.  
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