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DuPage Care Center Volunteers

Volunteer Services

More than 350 registered adult and teen volunteers contribute an extra dimension of care to the quality of service the Center provides for the residents. 

The volunteers play an integral role in the daily life of the residents. They provide an array of services from delivering the mail, transporting residents to therapy programs, participating in activities to leading religious programs, friendship visiting or sharing their musical talents for the residents' entertainment. We welcome individuals, families and groups to join the Volunteer team at the Center.

While all of us have different responsibilities, each volunteer job at the Center has the same basic goal, to provide the best service possible for our residents. No matter what your volunteer assignment, you play a vital role in helping us attain that goal.

Our volunteers are in the unique position of bringing the outside world in to the residents. We are proud of the volunteers and we shall endeavor to do all within our power to make volunteer service a meaningful experience.

View Volunteer Opportunities and complete application today!

Volunteer requirements:

  • Complete an online application.
  • Set up interview with volunteer services staff. This will include submitting information for a criminal background check and a discussion about making the best fit for you and your volunteer role.
  • Make a commitment! Adult Volunteers should be able to commit to at least six (6) months. Teen Volunteers at least a three (3) month commitment. 
  • Volunteer must be 14 years or older
  • Complete a in-person Volunteer Orientation

***No Court-ordered or required community service available

*** Volunteer Opportunities may vary based on current IDPH and CDC guidelines. Please contact 630-665-6400 ext. 0 for more information.

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