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ETS Board

ETS Board

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The Emergency Telephone System Board of DuPage ["DuPage ETSB"] is an emergency telephone system board established pursuant to Section 15.4 of the State of Illinois Local Government Emergency Telephone System Act ("ETSA"), 50 ILCS 750/15.4.  According to County Ordinance OEX-003B-89, Section 20-40, DuPage ETSB consists of the following twelve (12) voting members:  Three representatives from the DuPage County Board one of whom is the Chair, two DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference representatives one of whom serves as Vice Chair, one DuPage County Fire Chiefs Association, one DuPage Chief of Police Association, one DuPage County Sheriff’s Office, one DuPage Public Safety Communications (DU-COMM), one Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center (ACDC), one Emergency Services representative, and a DuPage County Citizen.

ETS Board Members

Name Position
Mr. Greg Schwarze, Chair DuPage County Board Representative, District 6
Mr. Mark Franz, Vice Chair DuPage Mayors & Managers Conference Representative, Village of Glen Ellyn
Mr. Grant Eckhoff DuPage County Board Representative, District 4
Ms. Yeena Yoo DuPage County Board Representative, District 2
Mr. Joseph Maranowicz DuPage Mayors & Managers Conference Representative, Village of Addison
Chief Erik Kramer DuPage County Fire Chiefs Association Representative, Addison Fire Protection District
Chief David Schar DuPage Chiefs of Police Association Representative, Village of Winfield
Deputy Chief Eric Swanson DuPage County Sheriff's Office Representative
Mr. Michael Guttman DuPage Public Safety Communication (DU-COMM) Representative
Mr. William Srejma Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center (ACDC) Representative
Mr. Michael G. Tillman, RPL Emergency Services Representative
Vacant Public Representative

DuPage ESTB has oversight of the Enhanced 9-1-1 systems for citizens of the County of DuPage and portions of Cook, Kane and Will counties, excluding Aurora and Naperville. This system consists of two (2) Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), or dispatch centers, staffed by 134 dispatchers throughout DuPage County.

Enhanced 9-1-1 systems are a critical and valued state-of-the-art tool for the expeditious response of public safety to citizen requests for emergency service and assistance. DuPage ETSB has a head count of 8 full time employees. It should be noted that DuPage ESTB is wholly funded by 9-1-1 surcharge money collected from wireless and wireline telephones. The current 9-1-1 surcharge is $1.50 per device per month (as of January 1, 2022).

The Emergency Telephone System Board of DuPage County offers a free and confidential services to help first responders when you call 911. Completing a profile will provide first responders with important information to help you when you call 911. The information can include photos of your children, special needs and medical information, current location, vehicles and even family pets. This service is appropriate for the State of Illinois Premise Alert Program users. Read more information about Smart911.

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