Food Assistance Network Infrastructure Investment Program

This page provides information on DuPage County’s Food Assistance Network Infrastructure Investment Program (“Program”). It includes a general description, eligibility requirements, reporting requirements, a timeline, a link to the online portal, contact information, and reference materials.


On August 22, 2023, the DuPage County Board allocated funding for the Program. This Program is intended to address food insecurity through strategic, long-term investments in the County's food pantry network. The $1.0 million Infrastructure Investment Program is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA; P.L. 117-2) so all Program payments must comply with ARPA requirements.

DuPage County (“County”) will administer the Program through an online portal. Each item (e.g., one refrigerator) requires its own online portal application; however, like/similar items (e.g., two refrigerators) should be grouped together in one application.

The County will prioritize applications that:

  • Improve the logistics of the overall food pantry distribution system;
  • Consolidate multiple agencies into one data reporting system;
  • Include budgets where the agency shares the total cost with the County;
  • Are complete and detailed; and/or
  • Share resources between agencies (e.g., two agencies sharing a refrigerated truck).


Key eligibility requirements include:

  • Infrastructure investments may include either:
    • Capital Equipment purchases (e.g., vehicles, refrigerators, and forklifts), or
    • Information Technology (“IT”) investments (e.g., laptops or pantry-specific software systems).
  • Expenses must be incurred after August 22, 2023 and on or before April 30, 2024 to be eligible.
  • Agencies must be located in DuPage County as reflected in W-9.
  • Improvements to land or buildings are not eligible under the Program.
  • Ongoing maintenance, licensing, and warrantee expenses are not allowed.


No later than May 15, 2024, the agency must submit a final report to the County. This report shall include cumulative expenditures and supporting documentation (e.g., receipts, bank statements, or check stub) that verify the final paid amount. If the agency fails to fully expend its funds by April 30, 2024, it must return the unspent funding to the County.


This Infrastructure Investment online portal will open Monday, October 16, 2023 and will remain open for 60 days until Thursday, December 14, 2023.

Online Portal Application Access

For access to the online portal go to the Online Portal Application.


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