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Approved Contracts

Approved Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Items purchased through these contracts do not have to be re-bid by the County as the contracting alliance has already secured bids that meet the County's requirements per Procurement Ordinance OFI-005B-99 (effective December 14, 2004) and 30 ILCS 525/2 "Governmental Joint Purchasing Act".

Why does the County use Cooperative Purchasing Agreements?

In the interest of saving taxpayer’s dollars on procurement, the Procurement Services Division explores the use of cooperative purchasing contracts in the following instances:

  • When market research shows the Procurement Services team that the economy of scale provided through the cooperative purchasing agreement is the most cost effective way to make the procurement
  • When time is of the essence using cooperative agreements save a minimum of 30 days in acquisition time compared to issuing an Invitation to Bid
  • When re-bidding by Procurement Services will not result in additional value or savings

The Procurement Services Division only utilizes cooperative agreements that comply or exceed our state and local government procurement requirements.

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