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Contractor Forms and Information

Contractor Forms and Information

Form Name Instructions
Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement

Bidders must use this form to disclose political campaign contributions pursuant to the County's Ethic Ordinance. It is required for all Bids. Directions for filling out the form can be found here: Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement Instructions

If needed, supplemental pages are provided here: Required Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement (continued)

W-9 Form Bidders must submit this form to the County to set up payment and taxation information. It is required for all Bids.
References Required for all bids.
Apprenticeship or Training Program Certification Form Bidders must submit this form in compliance with the County's Responsible Bidder Ordinance. Required for construction projects that fall under the State's Prevailing Wage Statute.
Emergency Preparedness Plan Form Required for DuPage County Care Center Bids.
Bidder Subcontractor(s) Form Required for firms with subcontractors.
W-8 ECI Form Foreign Contractors must submit this form to certify that income is connected with trade in the U.S. Instructions for filling out the form are located here: W-8 ECI Instructions
WH-347 Certified Transcript of Payroll Form Contractors submit this payroll information to IDOL in compliance with the terms of Davis-Bacon and related Acts. Instructions for filling out the form are located here: WH-347 Instructions
WH-1321 Poster This poster MUST be posted at all job sites where the work being performed under Federal funding.
IDOL Prevailing Wage Rates Use this link may be used to verify each months prevailing wage rate
Tax Exemption Letter  

For the purposes of the Vendor Ethics Disclosure Statement, you must report all contributions to the County Board Chairman and any of the County Board Members. If your contract is being approved by the County for the benefit of any other Officer, you must also report all contributions to that Officer.

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