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Geodetic Control Overview

Resource Links


DuPage CORS Station Information

  • DP1A
  • DP2A
  • DP3A
  • DP4B
  • DP5A
  • DP6B
  • VODG

DuPage County Physical Monumentation

  • DuPage County, Illinois: Geodetic Vertical Control Network Interactive Map (Otherwise known as DuPage County Benchmark Data) is available in the DuPage Maps Portal. Click on the DuPage County Geodetic Control & GPS CORS Base Stations portal window. Then select the NAVD88 Benchmarks web mapping application.

Additional Helpful Information

  • If you have pop-up blocker turned on certain functions in the web application will not operate properly.
  • If you are using an older computer\monitor the initial map view maybe slow in loading to your screen. You may need to install or upgrade software on your computer to view the application properly. Data shown on screen may appear to overlap or not show up properly. Maximize the application to take up your entire screen then zoom into find a benchmark in DuPage County IL.
  • Please report disturbed or destroyed benchmarks. Send email to: benchmarks@dupagecounty.gov
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