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Preferred Provider Program Participation

Preferred Provider Program Participation

The Illinois workers’ compensation law allows employers and their claim administrators to implement and direct injured employees to an approved Preferred Provider Program (PPP) for medical care. Our claim administrator/carrier has implemented the Illinois CorCare® Preferred Provider Program for our workers’ compensation claims. There are more than 50,000 providers in CorVel’s worker’s Compensation PPP. This is similar to a group health network, but built specifically for work-related injuries. You have the right to be treated by a physician of your choice within the PPP. A PPP provider directory will be made available to you, your employer and physician. You may choose to be treated by any of the medical providers of your choice in our PPP. Our list of PPP medical providers may be found using the provider look-up utility.

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Please enter Last Name, Employee ID and check the box below to indicate whether or not you wish to participate in the Illinois CorCare® Preferred Provider Program.

In the event of a claim, if you have any questions about the providers or need a specialist referral, you should contact your claims coordinator or claims representative, or access the provider look-up utility.

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