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Drug Testing Information

HOTLINE NUMBER: 630-407-TEST (8378)


NOTE: If you are not on Colors or Numbers and need to Drug Test, call the number above and listen for the time the lab is open   the day you are testing.

For those of you have been placed on the Color and Numbers System for random drug testing, please follow these directives

  • Call the drug testing hotline each morning, Monday through Friday, after 7:30 AM to learn the color/number and the hours of operation for that day.
  • If your color/number is announced, you must report to the Probation Department for testing on the same day of your color/number announcement.
  • If you, for any reason, cannot come in to test, please promptly call your Probation Officer and speak to him/her about your situation.
  • We ask you to do your best not to arrive during the last minutes of the drug testing hours of operation.
  • Upon arrival, inform the receptionist you are here for testing and they will give you a number. Please then have a seat and your number will be called as soon as possible.
  • Please Note: Children are not allowed in the Drug Testing Area. Small Children can not be left unattended in our Waiting Rooms.

**The hours of operation may, and often do, change daily. Listen to the entire voicemail every day to receive up-to-date and most accurate information.

**Drug testing hours of operation are closely maintained. Late arrivals could create difficulties with your compliance with this program.

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