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Sensus Analytics Customer Portal Overview

DuPage County Public Works and City of Darien water utility customers may monitor their water usage in near-real time thanks to the Sensus Analytics Customer Portal, a web-based, interactive application that gives customers access to their water meter accounts.  Customer Portal features include:

  • Easy-to-read usage charts, graphs, tips and more
  • Easier access to information
  • Ability to get notifications by setting water usage thresholds

Sign up for Sensus Analytics Customer Portal is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://my-dcil.sensus-analytics.com/
  2. Click on “Need to set up an account?” on the bottom of the page and provide an email address
  3. Sensus will send an email confirmation containing a link
  4. Click on the link contained in the confirmation email to access the signup page
  5. Enter the CUSTOMER#-ACCOUNT# (for example 123456-12345678) associated with the account (which can be found on your DuPage County Public Works utility bill), as well as your name as it appears on the utility bill, and a password that uses numbers, symbols and both capital and lower-case letters

Please note that you must be a water utility customer of DuPage County Public Works or the City of Darien and have a Sensus smart meter installed to utilize this technology.  Note that DuPage County Public Works has many sewer utility customers that are served by other municipal water utilities.  If your water is provided by a utility other than DuPage County Public Works or the City of Darien you will not be able to use this technology at this time. 

Setting Thresholds and Notifications

  1. Login into Sensus Analytics. On the left side of options available, click settings.
  2. A new page will open to set alerts for the billing cycle, daily use, multi-day use and vacation.
  3. Type the used gallon amount you want to be alerted for in each category and click save.
  4. For cycle-Select the amount of gallons used that you typically use on your bi-monthly bill.
  5. For daily-Take the amount of gallons used on your bill, divide by 60 (average amount of days in the billing cycle)
  6. For multi-day- Take the amount of gallons used on your bill, divide by 60, then multiply by 7.
  7. For vacation-Select the amount of gallons used you would like to be alerted. If no one will in the home, select ZERO or a lower number to ensure no water is running or leaks occurred.
  8. Under alert recipients of the left (under settings), you can add other alert recipients and decide if you want alerts sent via email, text, or both.
  9. Enter the method of notification and the e-mail, cell phone number, or both.

Did you know? You can track the amount of gallons to be alerted if you go above your set usage.  The system lists what your average usage is for each section (cycle, daily use, etc.)!

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