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Antenna Lease

Antenna Lease

Applicant will submit the following:

  1. Detailed engineering and architectural plans, profile drawings, and specifications for all proposed work.
  2. All plans, profiles, applications, permits, and legal documents must be approved by the department before any construction work begins. The department may choose to forward any tower antenna installation modifications to its hired consultant.
  3. The applicant will provide the County with one project manager for its project’s construction and final completion.
  4. Once all of the above is reviewed, any recommended changes will be forwarded to the applicant.
  5. The County or its hired consultant will follow up with a completion inspection to ensure satisfactory site restoration and installation.
  6. Any engineering fees for Antenna reviews if approved or in the current Leases: shall be forwarded to the “Applicants Project Manager” for reimbursements subject to the contract agreement.

Site Access

Prior to entering the County property, personnel must complete an on-site Access for Telecommunications Equipment form (PDF).

You must call during regular business hours at 630-964-7503 or after hours at 630-514-7671

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