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Stream Maintenance


Increased awareness of DuPage County streams - along with flooding in the late 1980s - prompted the DuPage County Board to pass a Countywide Stream Maintenance Program in June 1991. The intent of the program was to reduce localized flooding by restoring the natural conveyance and flood storage capacities for the nearly 360 miles of stream in DuPage County. Between 1989 and 2001, DuPage County performed stream maintenance on the waterways, including proper removal and disposal of woody material, nuisance vegetation, landscape waste, construction material and trash in and adjacent to the stream. When the County concluded this initial effort, the stream became more manageable for property owners to perform routine maintenance.

Current Program

While a property owner is responsible for removal of debris and blockages on their own property, DuPage County currently operates the Stream Maintenance Program. The County will provide assistance in situations where the magnitude of the blockage presents a flow obstruction and flood potential for a number of properties in the area.

Reporting a Stream Blockage

Report blockages to DuPage County Stormwater Management via an online application, call 630-407-6700 or email drainage@dupagecounty.gov.

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