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Water Quality Improvement Program


Since 1988, DuPage County Stormwater Management has been at the forefront of regional stormwater management. Led by the Stormwater Management Planning Committee, which is comprised of both County and municipal representatives, the program strives to reduce overbank flooding and protect and improve the health of local waterways. Stormwater Management has a division dedicated to water quality of streams, rivers and other bodies of water throughout the County. The group is responsible for adherence to Clean Water Act regulations, watershed planning and the Water Quality Improvement Program (WQIP), which offers expertise and funding for water quality initiatives countywide. In addition to water quality programs, Stormwater Management provides watershed planning, floodplain mapping, regulatory services, and flood operation and maintenance of 17 flood control facilities throughout DuPage County.

Water Quality Improvement Program Grant

DuPage County Stormwater Management recognizes the financial burden a property owner may face undertaking a project that improves regional water quality. Stormwater Management's WQIP is a competitive grant that provides financial assistance to projects providing a regional water quality benefit to local waterways. The grant funds up to 25% of eligible construction costs for water quality improvement projects. DuPage County initiated the grant program in 2000 and awarded approximately $6.3 million to 108 projects to date. Explore past projects and further information on the Water Quality Improvement Program Story Map.

How to Apply

The application deadline for the upcoming grant cycle is January 5, 2024 at 5 P.M. CST. All of the application requirements can be found in the packet linked below.

Past Awarded Projects

Click on an icon to view the project's information. Click the "i" button to learn more on how to use this map. Full screen map

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