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Report A Complaint

Report A Complaint


Violations may occur both in and out of construction sites. During the construction process, sediment and erosion controls should be functioning, meaning sediment or soil should not be tracked or washed off of a site.

Common complaints include:

  • Filling
  • Grading
  • Dumping or storing material, including landscape waste and compost
  • Excavating and dredging
  • Removing, mowing, or damaging vegetation
  • Compacting soils by driving over them or storing vehicles
  • Regular use from off road vehicles
  • Building dams or bridges over streams and drainage ways
  • Installing culverts or diverting streams
  • Diverting storm water runoff


How to Report a Complaint

Complaint Regarding New Construction: If you need to submit a complaint regarding new construction (Example: Filling, Grading, Excavating, installing culverts, or diverting streams) you will need to submit your complaint electronically using the Citizen Portal to the DuPage County Building & Zoning Department. Please follow the step-by-step Citizen Portal guide on how to electronically submit your complaint.

** Please be advised that the DuPage County Building & Zoning Department has jurisdiction over unincorporated areas in DuPage County. If your complaint is regarding an issue in an incorporated municipality, you will need to contact that city or village directly.

Drainage Complaint: If you need to submit a complaint regarding flooding or drainage issues (Example: Standing water after substantial rainfall, blocked drains, or culverts, fallen trees) please call 630-407-6800 and select prompt 3 for outdoor stormwater drainage issues to speak to someone directly to submit a complaint or issue.

Please report all other complaints by contacting DuPage County Stormwater Management at:

Once a complaint has been reported, County staff will investigate and/or report the incident to the appropriate authority.

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