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Special Management Areas (SMA)

Development in the Floodplain

Development in the floodplain is regulated so that proposed work will not adversely affect the floodplain environments or adversely affect the potential for flood damage. Refer to Article X of the Ordinance for floodplain management regulations.

Development in Wetlands

Wetlands represent a significant portion of the natural watershed storage in DuPage County and wetlands play an essential role in flood storage, conveyance, sediment control and water quality enhancement. As such, any impacts to wetlands or wetland buffers are regulated by Federal, State and local statutes. Please refer to Article XI of the Ordinance for Wetland regulations.

Development in Buffers

If the proposed development must impact a wetland buffer or waterway (riparian) buffer, the applicant must mitigate the functions of the vegetation and soils by replacing them in kind. For example, a wooded area that may provide shading to reduce water temperature in a stream, shelter and food for wildlife and infiltration of stormwater, would require a planting plan featuring the types of native vegetation that would best replace all of the functions identified. Documenting proper buffer mitigation in the stormwater submittal involves providing a native planting plan, featuring a management and monitoring plan. Refer to Article XII of the Ordinance for more regulatory guidance.

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