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Stormwater Management Certification

Stormwater Management Certification

In order to obtain a permit for land development, any person proposing a development in a community that has adopted the DuPage County Stormwater Ordinance shall obtain a Stormwater Management Certification.

Stormwater Management Certification is not required if the following conditions apply:

  • The development site does not include floodplain, wetlands or buffers; and
  • The development does not add 2,500 square feet or more of net new impervious area compared to the pre-development conditions, and
  • Does not include 5,000 square feet or more of land disturbing activities.


The development site does not include floodplain, wetlands or buffers and consists solely of one or more of the following:

  • Cultivation, conservation measures or gardening; or
  • Installation, renovation or replacement of a septic system, potable water service line or other utility to serve an existing structure; or
  • Excavation or removal of vegetation in rights-of-way or public utility easements for the purpose of installing or maintaining utilities; or
  • Maintenance, repair or at grade replacement of existing lawn areas not otherwise requiring a Stormwater Management Certification under this Ordinance. 

General Certification

General Certifications are intended to reduce submittal requirements, design costs and the public burden to apply for Stormwater Management Certification for generally low impact developments. As long as the applicant abides by the special conditions as described in the General Certification, then the development will be considered as having obtained a Stormwater Management Certification. General Certifications may be obtained for the following developments:

Letter of Permission

Letters of Permission may be issued for developments that can be determined, based on review of the applicant’s proposed plans, available documents, site inspection and judgment to be limited in scope and complexity to fit the definition for minor development.

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