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There are many ways you can help keep our waterways clean!



Join the DuPage County Adopt-A-Stream program and make a difference in preserving our rivers and streams! This program allows businesses, schools, churches, organizations, and volunteer groups to restore and maintain local streams. By participating in stream cleanups, you'll directly impact the condition and water quality of your community's waterways. Additionally, you can engage in other activities like water quality monitoring and restoration projects. Choose your level of involvement, commit to adopting a section of stream for two years, and join two cleanups per year. DuPage County provides support, including site suggestions, educational resources, and trash collection. Let's work together to improve our waterways and create a healthier environment.

Get started by reviewing the Adopt-A-Stream Packet today!


Annual DuPage County River Sweep

Sponsored by DuPage County Stormwater Management and hosted by The Conservation Foundation, the annual DuPage County River Sweep is a county-wide self-coordinated stream cleanup held each spring. The purpose of the one-day event is to encourage volunteer groups to help “sweep our rivers clean” by picking up debris in and along local waterways.

More information can be found on The Conservation Foundation’s website.


Storm Drain Medallion Program

Groups can help keep our streams clean and attractive by installing Storm Drain Medallions. Installing medallions on the outside of storm drains helps to raise the community’s awareness of pollution and reduce the incidence of illicit discharges into the drains. Pollution results from everyday activities and those pollutants often times are swept directly into storm drains and waterways with stormwater runoff. Some examples include fertilizers, motor oil, litter, and animal waste.  Storm Drain Medallion
For more information or to schedule a storm drain medallion outing, contact our partners at:
Website: www.scarce.org
Email: info@scarce.org 
Phone: 630-545-9710
TCF Logo The Conservation Foundation
Website: www.theconservationfoundation.org
Email: aphillips@theconservationfoundation.org
Phone: 630-428-4500 x 113


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