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Water Quality Permit Documents

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NPDES Permit1 document

  • ILR40 Permit - 2016
    document seq 0.00

NOI1 document

  • 2021 NOI for Countywide General Permit ILR40
    document seq 0.00

Annual Reports5 documents

  • DuPage County Annual Report 2022-2023
    document seq -1.00
  • DuPage County Annual Report 2021-2022
    document seq 0.00
  • DuPage County Annual Report 2020-2021
    document seq 1.00
  • DuPage County Annual Report 2019-2020
    document seq 2.00
  • DuPage County Annual Report 2018-2019
    document seq 3.00

Construction Site NOI5 documents

Department of Stormwater Management3 documents

  • Country Club Highlands
    document seq 0.00
  • Lufkin
    document seq 0.00
  • Smith and Cambridge
    document seq 0.00

Department of Facilities Management1 document

  • DuPage County Campus Stormwater Pond Improvements
    document seq 0.00

Division of Transportation1 document

  • 87th & Woodward
    document seq 0.00

Stormwater Management Program Plan1 document

  • Stormwater Management Program Plan.pdf
    document seq 0.00
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