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Adopt A Highway/Trail

Highway Permits Supervisor

David J. Furey
adoptahwy@dupagecounty.gov 630-407-6900

The DuPage County Board approved the amendment to the DuPage County Adopt-a-Highway ODT-025D-95 Ordinance on 08/14/2012. This program provides for private interest groups to adopt various highways or trails rights-of-way, or sections thereof, for the purpose of litter collection.  

The Adopt-a-Highway Program is managed through the Division of Transportation's Highway Permitting Department at 421 N. County Farm Road Wheaton, IL 60187-2553. 

You can reach the department at the main office at 630-407-6900 (Mon. - Fri. 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., excluding holidays) or you can email Adoptahwy@dupagecounty.gov.

Please read the Rules and Regulations that govern the program and for answers to many commonly asked questions about the program.

Adoption Process

  1. Check out our Adopt-a-Highway Map below of the various County highway and trail routes currently under adoption.
  2. Submit an Adopt-a-Highway Application Form for your group or organization. You will need to submit a new application form for each calendar year.
    1. Provide the requested County highway and/or trail route(s) and limits of such. Include attachment to application if routes requested exceed available room on the form. 
    2. Provide group and/or organization information (complete).
    3. Provide Group Leader name/contact information and, if different, the Volunteer Coordinator name/contact information.
    4. Provide the work dates and alternate rain dates (minimum of 4 times required annually between March and November).
  3. Upon approval by the County Engineer or the duly authorized assign, you will receive a copy of the executed agreement.
  4. The Group Leader and Volunteer Coordinator will be required to attend a training session and/or watch a training video for working on the County's highway/trail system and receive the initial volunteer supplies noted below.
  5. An Adoption/'Work Crews Ahead' signage will be created and posted at the limits of your adopted section(s) (see sample to right).
  6. All participants MUST complete an Adopt-a-Highway Volunteer Waiver Form w/original signature (and parental/legal guardian signature for participants under 18 years of age). The waivers are held on file with the department for the calendar year. Once it is on file you do not need to resubmit the form for the current year, unless you are a new participant.
  7. All Volunteer Waiver Forms MUST be received at the Division of Transportation office one (1) week prior to the approved work day or rain work date.
  8. All Volunteers participating in the work day MUST comply with use of all safety equipment (gloves and safety vests) during the work day within the County's rights-of-way and use of the posting warning signage.
  9. The Group Leader or Volunteer Coordinator shall obtain the work materials (work gloves, safety vests and garbage bags) from the DuPage County Division of Transportation office at 630-407-6900 or via Adoptahwy@dupagecounty.gov to the department to arrange for pick-up of the materials. Additional materials will be provided on an as-needed-basis when requested from the Division office.

We welcome photos of your group with your adopted section sign to be added to our website photo gallery.

Current Adopt-a-Highway Adoption Routes Map

View larger map. Click on a highlighted segment to view who has adopted that segment.

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