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Application Procedures

The following detailed procedures are also available as a PDF document Highway Permit Application Packet.

Initial Submittal

The following list of items necessary to process an application may not be fully applicable to your project. If you are not sure if an item is required, please contact the department to inquire.

Required items, as described under the ordinance, are as follows:

Application Form

  1. Complete the 'Part I. Owner of Project or Event Information'. The Applicant Contact Person must be the legal representative of the development/ownership/business and the individual that signs the Application form. A 24-hour emergency number and type of phone and e-mail address must be provided for that Contact Person. If this number or information changes at any point in the application process or during the permitted construction/event, the revised information shall be provided in writing to the Division of Transportation.
  2. Complete the 'Part II. Project/Event Location' information. Reference the County Highway System Map and alphabetical Route Listing in the packet (and as found on this web site) for proper information. Include the project address, tax parcel identification number (PIN), if applicable, and site city of the project/event. The location to the nearest cross street or limits of the construction or event on the County's system shall be provided (ex. 'North side, 100' east of Main Street").
  3. Complete the 'Part III. Permit Type(s)' information. Check any and all items proposed/requested to be constructed or performed within the County's rights-of-way. If you are not sure of the work, inquire with the Department for assistance.
  4. Complete the 'Utility Company W.O./U.T. #' information, if applicable, for cross-referencing purposes by the utility company.
  5. Complete the 'Part IV. General Contractor Information' information. Provide this information at the time of submittal, as is applicable. If this information is not available at the time of application, enter "TBD", but it must be provided in writing to the County in order to issue the permit.
  6. The owner (owner of project/development) or Applicant Contact Person must sign and date the application. The name of Owner Applicant Contact Person and person signing MUST match.
  7. Applications shall be brought into the Highway Permitting Department of the Division of Transportation - located in the Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building at 421 N. County Farm Road Wheaton, IL 60187-2553 (located on the 2nd floor, Room 2-300) between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).

Violation Compliance

If the submittal is being provided for compliance with a Violation 'Red Tag' or 'Stop Work Order' issued by the County, a $75.00 violation fee will be assessed and have to be paid at the time of the submittal in addition to any Application Fee required according to the County's Highway Permit and Fee Ordinance. Provide the Violation Notice along with your submittal to remove your violation from the County's system.

Application Fee:

Under the ordinance, anyone proposing to perform work or hold an event within County highway and/or trail rights-of-way is required to pay an application fee at the time of application submittal. Fees are, as follows:

  1. Roadway or public utility construction is a ($100.00) one hundred-dollar application fee.
  2. Special-event (road race/parade/bike-a-thon) is a ($50.00) fifty-dollar application fee.
  3. Checks shall be made payable to the 'DuPage County Division of Transportation'.

Geometric or Engineering Plans:

If construction is proposed, provide:

  1. Two- (2) sets of preliminary/conceptual site geometric plans for access or
  2. Two- (2) copies of a single-family residential lot survey or site plan with existing/proposed construction or
  3. Two- (2) sets of civil engineering plans (signed and sealed) and contract document/specifications, as is applicable.

Engineering plans shall:

  1. be signed/sealed by an Illinois Licensed Professional Engineer;
  2. be designed according to IDOT's 'Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction' (latest edition) and 'Supplemental Specifications and Recurring Special Provisions' (latest edition), the FHWA's 'Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices' (latest edition) and DuPage County's Highway Standards, Specifications and Policies;
  3. include, but not be limited to, existing and proposed grading, walk and/or path, roadway pavement, curb/gutter, landscape plantings, storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer and appurtenances, street lighting, signage, traffic signals and related equipment;
  4. be drawn to engineering scale of between 1'=10' and 1'=50' on plan sheets not less than 8.5' x 11' nor greater than 24' x 36'.

Plat of Survey:

Provide (2)- two copies of the Lot/Plat of Survey. The survey shall:

  1. be signed and sealed by an Illinois Registered Land Surveyor;
  2. be dated within one- (1) year of the date of application for the proposed work;
  3. include the legal description of and the tax parcel identification number (PIN) for the subject property;
  4. include all existing site and off-site (adjacent to the project) roadway conditions.

Construction Schedule:

For commercial or major residential development, provide a preliminary construction staging schedule and completion date. 

Traffic Control Plan:

Provide a plan using the current design practices per IDOT's Highway Standards and the FHWA's 'Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices' for any proposed lane restrictions, road closures and/or detours. 


Provide a copy of the Plat of Subdivision, Re-subdivision or Planned Unit Development (P.U.D.), if applicable, for review and approval prior to obtaining the County Engineer's signature. (This is not required for a single-family residential lot improvement.) The County Engineer's signature block (as found on this web site) is required for any development adjacent to a County highway and/or trail right-of-way and/or for any development in unincorporated areas where the township highway commissioner is required to sign.

Storm Water Management Report:

Provide a copy of the stormwater management/drainage calculations report for existing and proposed drainage (including c.f.s. release rates to the County storm sewer system, if applicable) in compliance with the DuPage County Stormwater Ordinance requirements as is applicable. Unrestricted/direct release to the County's storm sewer system is NOT permitted.

Traffic/Site Trip Generation Study or IDS:

Any multi-family, commercial and/or large scale development proposing roadway widening for left/right turn lanes, median opening, and/or access or new signal installation or revising existing signal configurations is required to provide the aforementioned item(s), as is applicable.

  • An application tracking number will be assigned to the submittal and a copy returned to the Applicant for their use. The tracking number MUST be included on any fees paid and/or on any further correspondence made to/from this department to ensure its provision to the correct file/project.

Review Process

Process for the review and approval of the submittal, are as follows:

Following submittal to the Division of Transportation's Highway Permitting Department;

  1. The Department will review the submittal and either: A.  Approve the submittal and provide a written statement to the Applicant of such; B.  Provide written comments pertaining to those items needing to be revised or provided; or C.  Deny the submittal and provide a written statement to the Applicant of such. 
  2. Initial review comments will be provided to the Applicant within 30-45 working days of receipt of the initial application submittal. Comments will be provided in written format.
  3. Plans shall be revised according to the County's comments and two (2) sets of revised, signed and sealed engineering plans shall be submitted for further review. Revised plans shall be reviewed within 10 working days of receipt and any further comments provided in writing to the Applicant or final approval of the plans given.


The tracking number shall be included on any fees paid and/or on any further correspondence made to or from this department regarding the applied for project.

  1. HIGHWAY PERMIT BOND: The general contractor/owner shall provide a performance bond in the in the amount of 110% of all work performed within the County's rights-of-way based on an Engineer's Probable Cost Estimate or the contractor's contract quantities. The estimate of costs shall be provided to the Department for review and approval confirming the bond aggregate amount prior to the bond's provision. The minimum bond amount is $1.500.00 for a single family residential project or $2,500.00 for a commercial project. The bond shall be either:
    1. A Letter of Credit (per the County sample found on the web site); or
    2. A cashier's or certified check (made payable to the 'DuPage County Division of Transportation'). Personal or business checks are NOT acceptable and will be returned; or
    3. A credit card or e-check through the Illinois Treasurer's E-pay system under "Highway Permit Bond" type and follow directions. You will enter in your application tracking number assigned to your submittal. There is a convenience fee charged by the Treasurer for this service. You will be informed of the fee and total before approving the transaction. 
  2. INSURANCE: The general contractor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance, naming the 'County of DuPage' as additional insured and 'County of DuPage c/o Division of Transportation' as Certificate Holder, based upon the requirements of Art. 107.27 of IDOT's 'Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction' (latest edition) for said project per the information and sample certificate available on the web site. The description of the certificate should include the note; 'The Certificate Holder is named as additional insured with respect to general and automobile liability for all work performed within DuPage County rights-of-way rather than solely for the specific project. Endorsements for the County of DuPage shall be provided for general and automobile liabilities including cancellation riders to the policy. A copy of the umbrella/excess liability declaration pages shall also be provided. Insurance policy numbers as are applicable shall be included on all pages provided.
  3. IMPACT FEE RECEIPT: Any proposed construction (new or improvement) within the County's highway rights-of-way requires the provision of proof of payment and compliance with the DuPage County's Roadway Impact Fee Ordinance for the site building construction.
  4. SPECIAL EVENT PERMITTING: For any special events (parades, walks, runs, etc.) on the County's roadway and/or trail shall include provision, as is applicable, of the following items:
    1. EVENT FLYER: Provide a copy of the event flyer detailing the event title, date, time, and a route map (if applicable).
    2. EVENT WAIVER: The event waiver shall include the statement; "The County of DuPage, its successors, assigns and employees shall be held harmless for any injury to persons and/or damage to property for my participating in (said event)" along with any other applicable agencies or groups necessary for the requested event.
    3. EVENT MINOR RELEASE: A parent or legal guardian MUST sign a release waiver for any minors (under 18 years of age on day of event) participating in a scouting or school sponsored event (outside of an organized race or event covered by the flyer/waiver noted above). A copy of the Minor Release is available on this web site.
    4. RUGGARD GAZEBO, VILLA PARK PERMIT: Use of the gazebo at Park Blvd./Ardmore Ave. in Villa Park requires provision of a copy of the permit issued by the Villa Park- Parks & Recreation Dept. for use of it's facility within the County's right-of-way. Do Not Submit the Original Villa Park Permit.
  5. PERMIT FEES: Additional permitting fees may be applicable and will be calculated based upon the scope of work within the County's rights-of-way per the Fee Schedule in the County's Highway and Trail Right-of-way Permit and Fee Ordinance. A Fee Summary shall be provided to the Applicant for payment prior to issuance of the permit. The fee shall be made payable to the "DuPage County Division of Transportation. The application tracking number MUST be included on the payment. Payment may be remitted by check (personal or business), cash, money order or credit card/e-check. Credit cards/e-checks are processed through the Illinois Treasurer's E-pay system under "Highway Permit Fees" type and follow directions. You will enter in your application tracking number assigned to your submittal. There is a convenience fee charged by the Treasurer for this service. You will be informed of the fee and total before approving the transaction. 

Permit Issuance

Following final approval of engineering plans/specifications or event information and provision of all items as noted previously, the Department will draft the permit within 48-72 hours of receipt of all items required .  The Permittee will receive an emailed copy of the permit with any attachments thereto.  A copy of the final application paperwork will also be provided.

Permittee Responsibilities

  1. Provide one- (1) copy of the permit and attachments to the local agency (DuPage County Regulatory Services or the city/village Building Division, as is applicable) having jurisdiction over the subject site adjacent to or related to the Highway Permit issued.
  2. Post one- (1) copy of the permit and attachments on the job site or maintain on-hand at all times during permitted construction or during the event. A DuPage County Inspector may ask to see the permit to confirm compliance with DuPage County Ordinance requirements.
  3. The Permittee shall provide a copy of the permit with attachments to any designated contractors and/or sub-contractors prior to commencement of any work within the County's right-of-way making note of any special construction conditions or requirements (including details, standards and specifications).
  4. Additional copies of the permit and attachments made thereto may be copied by the Permittee, as is necessary. Any modification or revision to the issued permit must be reviewed and approved by the DuPage County Engineer, or the duly authorized assign prior to any such revisions.
  5. The Permittee, its agent, successor, assign, employee(s) and contractor agrees to comply with and acknowledges that all conditions as outlined on the permit and any attachment(s) and/or addendum(s) as made a part to the permit thereof, are binding and supersedes the approved plans and specifications.
  6. The Permittee, its agent, successor, assign, employee(s) and contractor, shall notify the Division of Transportation (630/407-6900 M-F 8 am - 4:30 pm, excluding holidays) a minimum of 48 hours prior to the initial commencement of any work within the County's rights-of-way.
  7. The Permittee shall also contact the Division of Transportation to arrange for inspections for construction items as noted herein. A minimum of 48 hours is required to schedule such inspections. Inspections shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Traffic control (temporary lane closures/detour advance warning signage, maintenance of existing regulatory, informational and/or warning signage).
    2. Excavation for and installation of storm sewer, water main and sanitary sewer and trench backfill (paved and non-paved applications).
    3. Maintenance of existing roadway pavement, curb/gutter and/or storm sewer during construction.
    4. Base course preparation, framing, grading, connections and finishing for combination concrete curb/gutter.
    5. Sub-base/base course preparation for pavement for entrances and roadway widening (right/left turn lanes).
    6. Sidewalk/path construction (layout/installation/finishing).
    7. Roadway pavement markings, striping and reflective markers (layout/installation).
    8. Traffic signal improvements (layout/installation/turn-on).
    9. Right-of-way restoration, grading, materials and landscaping.
  8. The Permittee shall submit a Final Inspection and Bond Release Request form by faxing, mailing or dropping off at the Division of Transportation office at the completion of the project including restoration of the right-of-way. A copy of the Release form is available on this web page. NOTE: Final inspections are NOT performed between November 30 and April 30 due to weather conditions. Final inspections take 2-3 weeks from date of receipt of the form at the Division of Transportation office dependent upon the inspection staff's workload and availability to perform such.
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