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Transportation projects take time, and regional trails are no exception.  Trails and bikeways that cross counties, municipalities, and recreational areas require careful planning, engineering, and coordination in order to be completed.  DuPage County is an active partner in regional trail development efforts.

Below are status updates for programmed projects that have reached engineering and/or construction phases.  The projects that are accompanied by a project site will have a link included in their description.

Oak Ecosystems Illinois Prairie Path Enhancement Project

The Illinois Prairie Path Enhancement Project consists of a two-stage invasive species eradication and replanting project along the Illinois Prairie Path in the West Chicago area. In partnership with the Illinois Prairie Path Not-for-Profit (aka IPPc), the County will address a targeted area to remove entrenched understory growth that has impeded seeding and growth of native oak species and oak habitat. The County would lead the first stage, which would be an invasive species removal effort taking place in the Fall/Winter of 2023. The second stage, led by IPPc members, would be a replanting effort in Spring 2024 focused on native oak trees. The County would amplify educational messages from established institutions such as Morton Arboretum and the Forest preserve District of DuPage County to share information about removing buckthorn and bolstering oak ecosystems.

DuPage County will hire an expert team of ecosystem restoration technicians to implement Stage 1. Technicians are expected to remove the primary targets of buckthorn and honeysuckle from the east and west sides of the Prairie Path during the first stage. Invasive targets other than the primaries will also be eradicated. Within 24-48 hours following the completion of the removal effort, technicians will paint the cut stumps with an herbicide such as Triclopyr 4 or similar to reduce resprouts.

Stage 2 will involve the volunteer activities, led by IPPc. Volunteers will plant oak trees in an ecologically sound manner to replace the removed invasive species. Siting for new trees will take into consideration distance from mature trees, power lines and growing conditions. Trees will be selected from the following list: Bur oak, red oak, and white oak. Following the planting event, technicians will continue to assist the County annually with maintenance of the plantings at the planting event location.


Stay tuned! Project schedule and information coming soon.

West Branch DuPage River Trail: Blackwell to West DuPage Woods

The proposed trail and bridge are currently underway!


Construction is expected to begin Summer of 2025 with completion in 2026.

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For more information on these projects, please contact the DuPage County Trails Coordinator at TrailPathCoordinator@dupagecounty.gov.

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