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DuPage County Receives Federal Energy Grant

February 13, 2024

DuPage County received nearly half a million dollars for clean energy and energy efficiency programs in the County.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded the County $449,660 as part of a $20.5 million allocation to 32 states, territories, local governments, and tribes through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program.

"We are thrilled to receive federal dollars which allow us to achieve energy savings and promote additional green initiatives on our County campus," said County Board Chair Deborah Conroy.

The County will use a portion of the funding to make green upgrades on its campus, including:

  • Two electric vehicle charging ports to accommodate four vehicles outside the 505 Judicial Office Facility for public use
  • Additional solar panels on the roof of the 421 Administration Building
  • LED light upgrades throughout the campus

A portion of the funds awarded will also be used to conduct a Clean Energy Workforce Analysis to look at the clean energy workforce in the County and identify supply and demand for clean energy-related jobs. This analysis will inform current and long-term efforts to develop the necessary workforce for clean energy businesses, as well as potentially position DuPage for future funding associated with clean energy jobs initiatives.

Based on the outcome of the analysis, the County will also use a portion of the grant money to provide clean energy-related job training, which could include paying tuition or training costs, providing supportive service to remove barriers for successful training completion, upskill training for current workers to add clean energy skills, and more.

"We want DuPage County to be a leader in the clean energy sector," said Chair Conroy. "We believe this grant is just the first step as we invest in training programs ensuring that DuPage County workers will be in high demand when employers seek to fill positions in this growing segment of our local economy."

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