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DuPage County Stormwater Management Approves ARPA Grant Agreements

January 5, 2023

The DuPage County Stormwater Management Planning Committee voted Tuesday to approve the final of 26 intergovernmental agreements (IGA) to fund projects that will improve flood control and water quality countywide.

The Stormwater Committee awarded more than $8 million to 26 eligible projects. Funding for the projects came from the County’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

“We’re excited to see these projects completed over the next few years, and we’re pleased to be able to contribute to them using ARPA grant funds,” added Zay. “This funding will benefit communities for years to come.” The grant awards a 50/50 cost share, up to $500,000, for shovel-ready projects that demonstrate flood protection and resilience measures. During the grant period, DuPage County received 31 applications from 18 municipalities for projects totaling nearly $50 million. Although only open to municipal governments, the projects benefited residents, businesses, park districts, school districts and more.

DuPage County received nearly $180 million through federal ARPA funding, which is being used by County departments and entities countywide for applicable projects and initiatives. In addition to the municipal grant program, townships were awarded more than $1 million in grant funding for drainage projects.

“Entering into 26 IGAs with 17 municipalities is not an easy task, so I’m very proud to say that – within a matter of months – we now have all of the agreements in place to help fund these important projects in DuPage County,” said DuPage County Stormwater Management Committee Chairman Jim Zay.

To view a complete list of grant recipients, visit www.dupagecounty.gov/swm/arpagrant.

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