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DuPage County Eliminates Impact Fee Program

May 23, 2023

The DuPage County Board voted to repeal the Fair Share Road Improvement Impact Fee Ordinance, saving builders, developers, and homeowners nearly $1 million dollars annually.

The Board implemented the Impact Fee Program in 1988, to pay for highway capital improvements during a time of significant and rapid population and economic growth. Fees were assessed on new residential and commercial developments and redevelopments, whether the development was in a municipality or in unincorporated DuPage County.

"By eliminating this fee, we will streamline construction processes and give developers another reason to locate new building projects or improve existing buildings in DuPage County," said County Board Chair Deborah Conroy.

"As DuPage County has matured, our transportation priorities have shifted, and the need to continue this fee has diminished," said Transportation Committee Chair Mary FitzGerald Ozog. "The Division of Transportation budget will be able to absorb this reduction in fees without sacrificing maintenance services or the quality of our County highways."

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