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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

Woodridge Greene Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility Recycling Collection

Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil should not be poured down sink or pipe drains. Oil and grease will stick to pipes in small particles eventually creating blockages preventing sewage lines from draining correctly. To prevent this, there are multiple sites across DuPage County that accept cooking oil. In 2016 the Woodridge facility began an additional collection to those already operating to dispose of their liquid cooking oil. Located at the site of the latex paint collection, a container has been provided for residents to dispose of their cooking oil. This container is not able to accept animal or other solid fats, motor oil or any other type of non-cooking oil. Residents are asked to retain their container.  


The collected cooking oil and grease are picked up by a recycling company that transfers it to a processing facility. At the facility, the lipids are separated from the water in the liquid. The lipids are shipped to suppliers to be made into bio-diesel fuel, soap, de-greasers, cleaning products and other items. The water from the liquid is used as a fertilizer in agriculture due to it's high concentrations of nitrogen and potassium.