ACT Initiative


The DuPage ACT Initiative (Accountability/Consolidation/Transparency) is a comprehensive County reform program designed to improve efficiency, reduce duplication and encourage resource sharing across County government and its independently administered agencies.


  • Adopt procurement and ethics policies that emulate DuPage County policies;
  • Prohibit use of credit cards;
  • Request salary and benefit policies from each agency to disclose general compensation practices to the public and ensure compensation meets current market standards.


  • Explore consolidation of essential services such as IT, human resources, procurement and finance between County sister agencies (Election Commission, Board of Health, DHA, ETSB and Sheriff’s Merit Commission) and DuPage County departments.
  • Partner with the Fire Services Stakeholders group to determine areas to share services or consolidate with other entities.
  • Establish a master contract with provider or consolidate into other local entities for mosquito abatement services. Form a coalition of all Sanitary Districts to explore consolidation of facilities, shared services or the transfer of duties to other jurisdictions.


  • Ensure public documents and meeting schedules are available online, either via a separate website or post information on the DuPage County website;
  • Change meeting time, location and accessibility at the DuPage Election Commission;
  • Develop long-term financial and capital plans (Fire Protection Districts).
  • Furnish annual budget and operational update reports to the County Board.

Chairman Initiatives

DuPage County Public Safety

Highland Hills Sanitary District

North Westmont Fire Protection District

Fairview Fire Protection District

  • Fairview Fire Protection District Final Order (PDF)
  • An Ordinance Dissolving the Fairview Fire Protection District (OFI-002-14) (PDF)

County Appointed Agencies

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