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The County of DuPage
Wheaton, Illinois

County Auditor: Bill White


The County Auditor is an independent elected official responsible for evaluating and reporting on all County operations.  The mission of the Auditor is to promote transparent, efficient, and effective government, first acting as a vigilant watchdog to uncover waste, fraud, and misuse of resources but also evaluating the effectiveness of County systems and processes.

As provided by Illinois State law, the Auditor is responsible for maintaining a continuous internal audit of the operations and finances of all officers, divisions, and departments under the jurisdiction of the DuPage County Board and the eight County-wide Elected Officials.  However, certain entities such the DuPage Airport Authority, DuPage Forest Preserve, DuPage Health Department, DuPage Housing Authority, and DuPage Water Commission are independently governed and are outside the jurisdiction of the Auditor. Questions or concerns regarding outside entities should be directed to those governing these other entities.  

In addition to information gathered through the regular operations of the Auditor’s Office, the County Auditor’s Audit Hotline allows individuals to report issues or concerns regarding any agency, division, or department under the jurisdiction of the Auditor.  Upon receipt of information indicating waste, fraud and/or misuse of resources related to County operations and programs, additional investigation and audit procedures will be conducted regarding such concerns.  If appropriate, referral can be made to the State's Attorney for further investigation.

Increased transparency is a key objective for County Auditor White.  Transparency measures established by his predecessors will be continued, including the County Auditor’s Audit Hotline, the County’s Online Checkbook, and resources available through the Transparency Portal. Enhancement of the Transparency Portal will be a key objective for Auditor White.

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