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Children's Center

Children's Advocacy Center - The Center
Children's Advocacy Center - The Center
The Children's Center has been designed to promote a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Age appropriate interview rooms are provided at the Children's Center complete with toys that double as disclosure aids. Additionally, a separate waiting area is available to keep children occupied when they are not being interviewed.

In the past, law enforcement, child welfare, the medical community and social service agencies often worked independently. At times, the lack of coordination between these agencies resulted in disjointed delivery of services to victims.

To remedy this situation, child victims are now interviewed jointly by a team representing both law enforcement and DCFS. This team provides a sense of continuity for the child by offering consistent staff involved with the child's case. Reducing both the number of interviews and the number of professionals associated with a case lessens the trauma experienced by child victims.
General Description
Children's Advocacy Center - General Description
The DuPage County Childrens' Center investigates and processes all cases of child sexual and severe physical abuse in the County and works with children who witness violent crimes. We are committed to lessening the trauma of sexual and serious physical abuse for children as they turn to the justice system for protection. These young victims have already been forced to experience the ultimate betrayal. The Center's response must ensure that justice is done and the victim's trust is not once again violated. The Children's Center aids in the search for truth as well as provides conditions in which a healthy recovery is possible.

The DuPage County Children's Advocacy Center is a specialized unit of the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office.
Contact Children's Center
Children's Advocacy Center - Contact Us

The DuPage County Children's Advocacy Center is located at:

422 North County Farm Road
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

We can be reached by phone at:  630-407-2750

Our facsimile number is: 630-407-2751

Children's Advocacy Center Mission
The Mission of the DuPage County Children's Advocacy Center is to:

  • Minimize the trauma experienced by the child victim of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse during the investigation;
  • Seek justice, not just convictions, of those responsible for the commission of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse;
  • Provide support and facilitate treatment to the child victim and non-offending caregivers throughout the criminal justice process;
  • Promote prevention of child victimization through community education.
Children's Advocacy Center - History
The DuPage County Children's Advocacy Center was founded in March of 1987. Its mission has been to provide a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to child sexual abuse investigations which recognizes the special needs of child victims while demanding accountability for the crime of sexual abuse.

In 1999, State's Attorney Joseph E. Birkett, the Chairman of the Children's Center Advisory Board, expanded the mission of the Center to provide the same coordinated approach to cases involving serious physical abuse of children.

In 2001, State's Attorney Birkett expanded the mission to include interviewing children who have witnessed domestic violence or violent crimes at the request of any police department or prosecutor.

The Children's Center consists of a Director, a Deputy Chief of Investigations, criminal investigators, child protective investigators on special assignment from DCFS, case managers and a division assistant.
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