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Senior Serve

Senior Serve

Senior Serve is a program designed by the DuPage County Treasurer's Office to assist seniors in managing the costs associated with their annual property tax bill. Below are the services highlighted as a part of Senior Serve.

Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption

The Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption lowers the taxable value of the property by $5,000.  Homeowners must have lived in the home and reached 65 years of age during the tax year. Application may be made at the Township Assessor's office or the Supervisor of Assessments' office. Proof of age and ownership is required with the application.

Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze

The total household income limit is $65,000 and the senior must meet certain criteria for the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze. For applications or questions concerning the exemption, please call the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessments at 630-407-5858 for more information.

Duplicate Delinquency Tax Notice

The Duplicate Delinquency Tax Notice program is designed for you to designate someone other than yourself or a family member living at your address to receive a duplicate delinquency tax notice. This duplicate tax notice will be sent when and if your taxes remain unpaid in October, at which time they become delinquent. A $5.00 fee is required if you choose to sign up for this optional program. For additional information please contact the Supervisor of Assessments at 630-407-5858 or use the above link.

Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral Program

The Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral Program allows a qualifying senior to defer payment of real estate taxes (for a maximum of $7,500) and any special assessments on his or her residence. The State of Illinois pays the real estate taxes. Repayment plus interest of 6% annually is made when the senior sells the property or within a year of the estate being settled.

To qualify, the senior must:

  • be 65 years of age by June 1st of the year for which the application is made,
  • have a total household income of $65,000 or less,
  • own and occupy the property,
  • have lived in Illinois at least 3 years in a property,
  • have no delinquent real estate taxes,
  • have up-to-date fire and casualty insurance on the property.

Applications are taken January 1 through March 1 of each application year. For more information, please call the Treasurer's office at 630-407-5900 or use the above link.

DuPage County Senior Services

The DuPage County Senior Services Department offers a number of programs directed at improving and protecting the lives of DuPage County senior citizens and ensuring they receive the services for which they qualify. Senior Citizen Services assists DuPage County residents, aged 60 and older, as they are faced by the challenges of aging. For additional information, please contact the Senior's Unit at 630-407-6500 or 800-942-9412 or use the above link.

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