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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan presents a vision and priorities for DuPage County's future and outlines the role of County government in achieving that future. The County Board last updated its strategic plan in 2019, and the Board is in the process of developing its new strategic plan for 2024-2029.

The new strategic plan will serve as a blueprint for the County's mission, vision, and financial planning. For this plan to be successful, the County will need to hear from residents and community groups about their priorities and vision for the County. This will help develop a plan that is inclusive for all residents.

The County is working with BerryDunn, a national consultant with experience in government strategic planning, to develop the new plan. BerryDunn created a website for the public to learn more about the strategic planning process, fill out a survey identifying their priorities, and provide input on the plan. The website can be found at berrydunn.mysocialpinpoint.com/dupagecountyil.

The information collected through the website will be used to create a long-term vision, strategic priorities, goals, and objectives and performance metrics to define the County's direction and measure progress.

Mission Statementstrategic_plan_logo_web

DuPage County government will work to ensure that its communities will always be desirable places to live, work, and raise families where all are welcomed, accepted, and valued, by providing innovative cost-effective services, promoting a high quality of life for all residents, and acting as a leader with local and regional partners in anticipating issues and developing solutions.


The DuPage County Strategic Plan is made up of three core components, which establish a hierarchy for implementation. The three components of the Strategic Plan are:

Strategic Imperatives: During the plan development process DuPage County identified five strategic imperatives which serve as basic policy challenges affecting the organization.
High-Level Strategies: The County developed high-level strategies to address each strategic imperative and provide structure for the Strategic Plan. While directly supporting the five imperatives, the high-level strategies also provide context for each operational strategy, and cross multiple departments and policy areas.
Operational Strategies: Each high-level strategy in the Strategic Plan is supported by various operational strategies which serve to guide departments in implementation of their operational plans. Operational strategies provide structure for each department and connect back to both a corresponding high-level strategy and strategic imperative. At the departmental level, operational strategies are pursued through designated tasks and are complemented by performance targets where applicable.

Strategic Imperatives and Strategies

The following imperatives and strategies are detailed in the Strategic Plan for DuPage County Government:


The County must define and fulfill its role in supporting and enhancing the quality of life for County residents.

  • Keep people safe
  • Maintain the social service safety net
  • Protect and enhance natural resources and infrastructure


The County must undertake comprehensive financial planning to ensure a sound and sustainable fiscal future.

  • Plan and prioritize
  • Optimize cost containment
  • Identify, assess, and secure funding opportunities


The County must continue to enhance a culture that promotes excellence in customer service to an increasingly diverse population.

  • Improve access to County resources
  • Provide standards-based customer service training and professional development
  • Enhance public outreach


The County must build on the successes of the ACT Initiative and implement principles of quality and leadership across government.

  • Reduce the size, scope and cost of local government
  • Pursue operational efficiencies
  • Expand and promote these principles beyond County government


The County must foster the continued growth of its economy.

  • Ensure DuPage County residents have competitive job skills
  • Foster economic growth and development
  • Champion DuPage County as a desirable place in which to live and work


The County must build upon existing initiatives and expand opportunities for our diverse population and for adults with disabilities, to promote inclusivity among our employees, businesses, and residents.

  • Continue providing employment opportunities for our diverse and disabled population
  • Expand opportunities for our diverse population to be a part of the procurement process
  • Develop diverse local leaders
  • Sustain educational and workforce training for our diverse and disabled segments of the population


County leaders, departments and staff are committed to the ongoing responsibility of implementing the Strategic Plan. County leaders will prioritize implementation while carefully reviewing the viability and financial impact of each proposal. County departments will pursue their strategic initiatives and report progress to their parent committee which oversee implementation activities. The Strategic Planning Committee will review the overall progress and may initiate an inter-departmental review of the plan to determine if changes are necessary.

Committee Information

View more information about the Strategic Planning Committee, along with meeting agendas and minutes.

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