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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan represents the mission and vision for DuPage County's future and outlines the strategic priorities of County government and the role in achieving that future. In March 2024, the County Board approved the Strategic Plan, which will guide the County through 2029. In developing the plan, the County solicited input from community members, community groups, and other elected officials to guide their priorities.

Mission Statement

DuPage County provides exemplary services in a financially sustainable manner to make our County a desirable place to live, work, and raise a family.

Vision Statement

DuPage County is a hub of economic vitality, features expansive natural spaces, delivers high-quality services, and prides itself on being a place where all can thrive.

Guiding Principles

Accountability: We ensure that County government, through its policies and programs, is responsible for creating and achieving high-quality performance standards.

Diversity and Inclusion: We approach the work of County government in a culturally competent and inclusive manner so that all are able to fully participate.

Leadership: We find innovative approaches that provide local, regional, and statewide solutions to common issues for our communities, in collaboration with external stakeholders to share resources and information.

Quality: We offer effective, accessible, and efficient services, provided by well-trained, highly valued, and supported staff, who respond to new and emerging community needs.

Strategic Objectives

Community Well-Being: Strategic Plan At A Glance

Partner with the nonprofit sector, optimize federal and state funding opportunities, and implement locally funded initiatives to ensure all County residents are able to access services and programs that lead to independent and healthy lives.

Fiscal Responsibility

Maintain the highest standards of financial planning, forecasting, transparency, risk analysis, and innovative management to ensure the County has a sustainable fiscal future.

Thriving Economy

Sustain a policy and regulatory environment that supports a successful business community, ensures an adequate supply of workforce housing, and advances economic growth.

Safe Community

Preserve and enhance safety and security for community members.

Environmental Stewardship

Preserve the natural environment, mitigate the impacts of climate change, safeguard wetlands, and protect public health by making strategic investments that promote community resilience.


Make certain that the transportation network in DuPage County is regionally connected, well-maintained, and reliable so that residents, employees, and visitors are able to easily move around the community using their mode of choice.


County leaders, departments, and staff are committed to the ongoing responsibility of implementing the Strategic Plan. County departments will pursue their strategic initiatives and report progress to their parent committee, which oversee implementation activities. The Strategic Planning Committee will review the overall progress and may initiate an inter-departmental review of the plan to determine if changes are necessary.

Committee Information

View more information about the Strategic Planning Committee, along with meeting agendas and minutes.

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