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For Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Resources

DuPage County Animal Services is proud to work with Law Enforcement Agencies within DuPage County. Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are available to answer questions, please contact our office if you have any questions.      

When Animals Bite

DuPage County Animal Services is the organization given the authority to enforce laws relating to biting animals. The basis for these laws is protection of the health of the bite victim through the control of rabies. Law Enforcement Officers, Veterinarians, Physicians, and relevant parties of a biting incident may report bites to our office. Our Animal Control Officers (ACOs) will reach out to the involved parties, but detailed Bite Report forms go a long way to making the bite investigation easier for all involved.

Public Handouts

LEO Training with DCAS

DCAS provides educational trainings for Law Enforcement Officers as well, please contact our education team to learn about upcoming training opportunities.

  • Bite Investigations: Review protocols and procedures for bite investigations. Learn what steps you can take to reassure the public and gather needed evidence as a first responder. 
  • Bite Prevention: Understand canine communication and body language. Learn helpful tips for avoiding injury in the field.
  • Humane Investigations: Learn recommended best practices for investigating suspected animal abuse or neglect. Review legal requirements for owners and law enforcement.

Three Ways to Access Current Training

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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