Scout Programs

Learn about animals and earn badges - a win-win!! DCAS offers a variety of programs for scouts of all ages.

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While the shelter is under construction, let us come to you! Outreaches are available Monday-Friday and select Saturdays. Contact our education team to learn more.

A donation of $25 cash or in-kind is requested for outreach programs. 

Girl Scouts

  • Three Cheers for Animals (Daisies): learn what animals need and how to care for them and how that is similar to learning to take care of themselves. 
  • Pet Care and Safety (Brownies): learn about the different aspects of caring for a pet—from keeping them safe and fed to making them feel loved.
  • Animal Habitats (Juniors): understand more about wild animals and how to protect their homes.
  • Animal Helpers (Cadettes): understand how animals help humans, and how to help them keep it up.

Cub Scouts

  • Critter Care (Bears): learn how caring for a pet fosters responsibility and offers a sense of companionship that they can nurture and cherish throughout their lives.  This adventure also gives them an opportunity to learn about the many ways animals return the favor and assist people in need.
  • Animal Kingdom (Lions): introduces Lions to the concepts of service, responsibility, and citizenship.

Additional Programs Available

  • Wags to Whiskers: Students will learn ways body language reveals how we and our animal friends feel. Through games and activities, students will learn to safely interact with animals.
  • Pet Protectors: Our pets need many things from us to keep them happy and healthy. Students will explore what being a responsible pet guardian means for a variety of animals.
  • Our Wild Neighbors: Chicagoland is full of wild animals both amazing and helpful. Learn how every animal benefits the environment and how we can keep them safe.
  • Paw and Order: When an animal is in trouble, who can help them? Learn how animal control officers protect lost pets and our communities.
  • Richie Enriched: Understand what pets need to feel happy and how we make shelter animals comfortable while they wait for their new family.
  • Broken Items: Everyone deserves a happy home, learn about the challenges we face at the shelter and practice persuasive writing skills to find pets a new home.

Please note: shelter tours are not available at this time.

DCAS Fun Patch


Purchase the DCAS Fun Patch for $3 each, notify our education team before your program date if you would like to purchase.

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