Animal Concerns

Whom Should I Call With Animal-Related Complaints?

DuPage County Animal Services Officers enforce state and county animal control and welfare laws in unincorporated areas of DuPage County. These laws are designed to:

  • Protect citizens & pets from rabies and other health hazards, neglect, inhumane treatment, and abuse 
  • Protect citizens from intimidation and injury from dogs and other animals
  • Enforce compliance to State and Local laws
  • Encourage responsible pet ownership
Animal Services investigates complaints in UNINCORPORATED areas of the County. The types of complaints we respond to include:

  • Animal bites to humans and pets 
  • Public safety concerns 
  • Animal neglect and cruelty 
  • Domestic and Wildlife in peril

Making a Complaint about an Domestic or Wildlife Animal in DuPage County

Please complete a complaint form to report domestic and wildlife issues in Unincorporated DuPage County.  

Contact your local Police Department to report animal related concerns within the city and/or village. 

What do I do if an Animal Bites me?

Any time a domestic animal bites a human, it must be observed for rabies by a veterinarian. Wild animals that bite humans must be euthanized and tested for disease.

Wildlife in DuPage County

DuPage County Animal Services provides the following services pertaining to wildlife to residents of UNINCORPORATED DuPage County:

  • Removal of sick or injured wildlife from residential property.
  • Removal of wildlife from inside the living area of a residence (does not include chimneys, attics, crawl spaces, or under stoops or decks).
  • Removal of wildlife trapped or entangled in a manner in which it cannot free itself (examples: trapped in a fence, etc.).
Residents with wild animals in chimneys, attics, crawl spaces or under decks should contact a licensed animal trapper or removal service. Wildlife Illinois has a list of operators in our area. 

Nuisance wildlife is not handled by DuPage County Animal Services. Examples of nuisance wildlife are:

Squirrels nesting in an overhang of a house
Skunks building a den next to the foundation of a home
Raccoons building a nest in the attic of a home
Seeing a wild animal on one’s property
Animal in a window well or garbage can.

Additional Resources for Living with Wildlife

For after-hours emergency animal related issues in UNICORPORATED DuPage County, call the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department at 630-407-2400.

Animal Control and Welfare Laws

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