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Rabies Tags and Registration

How To Obtain a Rabies Tag

All dogs and cats residing in DuPage County must be vaccinated for rabies and purchase a rabies registration tag. Many veterinarians in DuPage County will sell you the tag at the same time your pet receives their rabies vaccination. However, there are instances when you need to purchase a tag directly from DuPage County.

  • Your pet’s tag is lost, and you need a replacement tag
  • You recently moved to DuPage County from another county and need to transfer your pet’s vaccination registration
  • You just adopted a new pet that already had a rabies vaccination under the prior owner or animal shelter/rescue organization
  • Your animal hospital does not carry DuPage County rabies tags

To Purchase a Rabies Registration Tag In Person:

  1. Bring a copy of your pet's rabies certificate to our location: 120 N County Farm Road, Wheaton, IL 60187
  2. Staff will make a copy of your certificate and process the payment. We accept cash or credit card. 
  3. Walk out the door with your tag! 

To Purchase a Rabies Registration Tag Online:

  1. Submit your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate online.
  2. Staff will review your certificate and email you instructions to pay online.
  3. Enter the unique transaction number sent to your email and pay online.
  4. Staff will process your payment and mail a rabies tag to your address.

Incidence of Rabies in DuPage County

In DuPage County, the most common carrier of rabies is bats. In 2015, sixteen bats tested positive for rabies and ten tested positive in 2016. Incidence of rabies in domestic animals is very rare. The last confirmed case in DuPage County occurred in 1967. However in 2016 two outdoor cats, one in Ogle County, IL and the other in Cass County, MO, tested positive for rabies. 

For further information on the rabies virus, please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What to do if an Animal Bites

All animal bites to humans in DuPage County must be reported to our office. By law, any time a domestic animal bites a human outside of their immediate family in DuPage, it must be observed by a licensed veterinarian for rabies**. The owners of biting animals are notified of this responsibility by DuPage County Animal Services. Veterinarians notify us when owners bring their animals in for the observation. Owners who do not comply are cited and must appear before a judge to answer the charge. Fines start at $175.00.

Any time a wild animal bites a human in DuPage, it must be euthanized. A sample of brain tissue is transported to the Illinois Department of Public Health virology lab to be tested for the presence of the virus.

**Bites by birds, caged rabbits, caged rodents (mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.) and currently-vaccinated police and registered guard dogs that bite in the line of duty, do not require a rabies observation.

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