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Green Building Incentive Program

The opportunity to participate in the DuPage County Green Building Incentive Program is available to all types of construction and developments that meet the USGBC criteria, in order to qualify applicants would provide the following. The program begins on March 15,2015.

  • Applicants would provide a checklist from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), or any other County approved green building standard.
  • The checklist must show that the project is eligible to obtain a certification under LEED of Gold or Platinum or any other similar County approved green building standard.
  • Applicants do not actually have to register or certify their projects with the USGBC, but simply demonstrate that their projects would qualify.
  • Projects qualifying for the, "Green Building Incentive" program could receive the following benefits:

Expedited Permit Review Times (Building & Stormwater) - This would include an application meeting with staff and review times reduced by 25% from the standard review protocols. This benefit would apply to unincorporated building permit reviews and all Stormwater reviews in both incorporated and unincorporated areas of DuPage County.

Expedited Zoning and Plat Process -This would include special call ZBA hearings being called on non-standard meeting dates to allow for an expedited hearing schedule.

Reduction of Building permit, Zoning and Plat fees by an amount equal to 10% of the normal fee schedule (Stormwater fees are not included in this fee reduction). This would be administered as follows:

  • To receive the reduction of fees, the applicant's architect will be required to provide all of the documentation necessary to apply to the GBCI for a Gold or Platinum certification.
  • Zoning and Plat application fees will receive a 10% reduction upon receipt and acceptance of the documentation required for the Gold or Platinum certification.
  • Upon acceptance of the submitted certification information, Building permit fees will be calculated with a 10% reduction. In place of this reduction, a 10% environmental bond will be required from the applicant.  All fees and bonds will be paid at permit issuance.
  • Prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy, the applicant's architect will submit a written statement indicating that all of the LEED items as designed were installed during construction and that the building would qualify for a LEED Gold or Platinum certification. View the PDF Sample LEED Certification Requirements to give you an example of LEED items and possible points available. Upon receipt of the written statement from the architect, and building verification by the County, the 10% Environmental Bond will be released to the applicant. Should the builder not achieve Gold or Platinum certification, the 10% Environmental Bond shall be forfeited to the County.
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