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Cool DuPage

Cool DuPage

DuPage County invites residents, businesses and government agencies to join the Cool DuPage effort to reduce energy consumption.  By working together, we can help DuPage County reduce greenhouse gases through big and small changes.

In 2012, DuPage County approved the Cool Counties Initiative as a way of accepting new environmental challenges. The Cool Counties plan set goals of reducing greenhouse gases from 2007 levels by 10 percent by the year 2020 and by 20 percent by 2030. This will continue to put the County at the forefront of saving energy through the continued pursuit of newer technologies.

Becoming a Cool DuPage Partner

DuPage County is pleased to offer municipalities a partnership in the Cool DuPage program.  Partners are asked to adopt a model resolution and work toward completing the goals agreed upon or stated in the signed resolution. As a partner, communities receive technical and outreach assistance and recognition from the County. Municipalities that adopt the resolution, pledge their leadership and support in their respective communities to promote energy efficiency and improved air quality to their residents, commercial businesses and local governments. 

Recommendations for partner participation:

  • Promote Cool DuPage and its objectives and strategies;
  • Engage with school districts, libraries and other governmental entities about energy saving opportunities and techniques to reduce vehicle miles traveled;
  • Share information in the community through newsletters or other public outreach methods;
  • Review citywide energy consumption provided by the County and/or its Green Government Council members; 
  • Complete a municipal building energy consumption assessment and work on areas of implementation identified in the assessment;  
  • Track and share results from comparative assessments using the 2007 baseline data.

Join the Effort

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Partners of the Cool DuPage Effort

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