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Waste and Recycling Hauling Models

Waste and Recycling Hauling Models

Currently, unincorporated homes subscribe on an individual basis with a waste and recycling hauler of their choosing (referred to as a subscription model).  Another method of service-delivery used by cities/villages in the County and three townships (Downers Grove, Lisle, and Naperville) is the single-hauler model, in which the municipality or township contracts with one hauler to provide services to residents. See below for a breakdown of the two hauling models.

Subscription Model

  • Homeowners choose which waste/recycling company they want. This individual choice promotes competition (six companies currently provide subscription service).
  • Since homeowners individually choose their hauler, multiple waste/recycling trucks may pass down your street and on different days of the week.
  • Homeowners generally receive the same level of basic service (trash, recycling, and yard waste) that municipalities receive.
  • Costs to homeowners vary widely, from $15/month ($45/quarter) to more than $100/month ($300/quarter). On average, subscription homes pay $38/month ($114/quarter), although most homes (75%) pay around $27/month ($81/quarter).

Single-Hauler Model

  • A survey of single-hauler contracts in the region found an average homeowner cost of about $21/month ($65/quarter), which is lower than subscription-pricing for most homes in the surveyed unincorporated areas. A single-hauler contract would lock in a set rate for all homeowners. However, cost savings to homeowners are estimates; the Township will not know potential savings until it receives bids from the waste haulers.
  • Homeowners do not choose their waste/recycling company. Instead, if a single hauler model were to be selected by referendum, your Township would select the hauler based on a competitive bidding process.
  • Service to homeowners would be on one day, which means fewer trucks passing by your street during different days of the week.
  • Overall truck traffic could be reduced resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gasses.
  • Some service enhancements that are typically not available to subscription-service homeowners, including food scrap composting or vacation holds, could be provided.

DuPage County Waste and Recycling Hauling Surveys

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