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Interactive Map Gallery

Interactive Map Gallery / Open Data

The DuPage County Maps & Application Portal is an interactive site which provides you access to maps and applications for inquiry and analysis of DuPage County "Geospatial Data". You can browse the scrolling windows (click on the ">>" to scroll in maps portal) for popular maps and web mapping applications. Please also view the “Gallery” link for all maps and applications provided via the portal. You can also get these same maps & applications but grouped together by various County Department and Agencies via the “Groups” link after you open the portal.

Types of maps and web mapping applications available in the DuPage Maps Portal shown below:

  • Parcel Viewer - Search for parcels and other parcel related information. Please see the "Help" button and download the PDF help doc on how to use the interactive web mapping application.
  • DuPage Trails App - NEW bike-way and trails web mapping application for DuPage County.
  • RxBox Locations - "Dispose Medications Safely" in and around the County of DuPage, Illinois. Safely dispose your unused or expired medications to a facility located near you. Open the application and "left mouse click" on a site (within the map) to obtain general information about the medication drop off facility.
  • Narcan Saves - Learn about how many lives have been saved in the County of DuPage by sheriff and municipal police departments using Narcan.
  • Food Pantry Map - A map showing all the local food pantries in the County of DuPage. Click on a site for details.
  • Election Polling Places - Find your election polling location and district in DuPage County, Illinois. See the help button in the application on how to use the application.
  • Benchmarks NAVD88 -  For Surveyor's find a benchmark in DuPage County, Illinois. (Additional help for this application shown below.)

How to use the "Benchmarks NAVD88" Web Mapping Application:

Open the application / zoom into a specific benchmark. Select (or left mouse click) on a benchmark (a pop-up window will appear) click on the "VIEW_BENCHMARK_PDF" link which will open (or download) a PDF document with detailed information for the selected benchmark.  PDF documents can be saved locally and printed out.

NOTE: A new "Directions" button has been added into the benchmark pop-up window. This button allows you to use Google Maps directions to route to a selected county benchmark. Clicking on the directions button will add the selected benchmarks lat long coordinates into Google Maps "Choose Destination" directions. Next: Select your Google Maps "starting point" and route to the benchmark.

To access this application through our DuPage Maps Portal scroll to the right using the ">>" arrows and select the "DuPage County Geodetic Control & GPS CORS Base Stations" Map Gallery. Next select the "NAVD88 Benchmarks" DuPage County GIS application to open the application.

Notice Benchmark Data as of: April 25, 2012

DuPage County has upgraded its benchmark system from the North American Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD29) to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88).  Benchmarks in NGVD29 are no longer available.

Additional information / Benchmark Questions

If you locate a benchmark in the field and it is not shown in the new NAVD88 benchmark web mapping application, it’s either an old NGVD29 benchmark (which is no longer supported or available from the County of DuPage) or it may be a local village benchmark.

If you find a disturbed or destroyed DuPage County benchmark in the field or have any questions please submit an email to benchmarks@dupagecounty.gov

Helpful Information for Maps and Web Mapping Applications

You may need to install or upgrade your web browser on your computer to view the new "Parcel Viewer" and other web mapping applications. If you have popup blocker turned on (or) you are trying to view the application in "Private Mode" certain functions in the web mapping application will not operate properly.

Open Data  (Download DuPage County data for free)

DuPage County Geospatial data is available for “FREE” from our online GIS Open Data web site. This open data portal can also be access via the DuPage County Maps and Applications Portal. Users will be able to download various datasets in various formats for their own use.

Open Data site: DuPage County Open GIS Data   After you click on the link - use the search bar at the top of the page to find data relating to topics of interest (i.e Schools). As you browse through the different data, the extent of each will be displayed on the map. Once you find what you are looking for, select the listed feature to be able to view the data and get options for download.

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