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General Homestead Exemptions - Residential

Statutory Citation

35 ILCS 200/15-175


  • Own and occupy the property as a principle residence or;
  • Occupy the property as a principle residence and you have an equitable legal estate and are responsible for the payment of the real estate taxes.

Application Process

  • In most cases, the Township Assessor will automatically grant the exemption on behalf of the taxpayer without requiring a formal application. If you have any questions about your exemption status, please contact your Township Assessor.

Renewal Process

  • It is typically facilitated by your Township Assessor automatically.  


  • Beginning 2023 payable 2024, the maximum deduction increases to $8,000 in assessed value.
  • The actual tax savings is dependent on the applicable tax rate.
  • Typical savings for 2023 payable 2024 is about $584.
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