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Statutory Citation

35 ILCS 200/15-167


  • Must be an Illinois resident who has served as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, Illinois National Guard, or U.S. Reserve Forces and returned from active duty in an armed conflict involving the armed forces of the U.S;
  • Must own or lease and occupy the property as a primary residence and be liable for paying the property taxes.

Application Process

  • File a completed PTAX-341 (PDF) application form with additional documentation demonstrating eligibility.
    • Additional Documentation - Proof of Ownership
    • Additional Documentation - Proof of Service
  • If you were discharged from active duty service, you will need to provide the Department of Defense DD Form 214.
  • If you are still on active duty after returning home, you will need to provide your military orders and travel voucher showing the date of your return.
  • The documents must state that you are returning from an armed conflict involving the armed forces of the U.S. within the tax year that you are requesting this exemption.

Renewal Process

  • This program is only available for veterans for the year returning from the armed conflict therefore there is no renewal.


  • This Returning Veterans' Homestead Exemption reduces the net taxable assessed value by $5,000 for the tax year the veteran returned from an armed conflict.
  • The actual tax savings is dependent on the applicable tax rate. Typical savings is about $375.
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