Native Demonstration Garden

JTK Administration Building
421 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton

The native garden is located at the east facing entry off of the Heritage Gallery and can be viewed from all three floors of the building. The Grounds Maintenance Section of the Division of Transportation will be handling the planting and maintenance of the project. For more information, please contact the Department of Economic Development and Planning 630-407-6700.

View the Plan (PDF)

Creating The Garden


Shade and poor drainage created less than ideal conditions for the turf grass. Native species of plants have adapted to the weather conditions in our region. Many of these species have further adapted to withstand tough growing conditions. Once established, the native garden should require minimal maintenance in the form of weeding or the occasional mowing.



First, the turf was killed off using a herbicide. Once it was browned, a layer of mulch was spread. The mulch served to discourage turf or weeds from sprouting in the planting bed and will help to keep the new plants moist over the summer. Soon, little flags and painted lines showed up, which will helped the Grounds crew organize and install the 3000 plant 'plugs'.




June 29, 2009 - Mike Moscicke, Grounds Supervisor and Jack Pizzo of Jack Pizzo and Associates, Ltd look over the plan as the crew unloads flats of plant plugs. Once the layout was approved, the crew set to work using a template made out of orange fencing. A gas-powered drill was used to make holes about one foot apart where the plugs will be planted. After each section is completed, the new plants were thoroughly watered.  





Our garden was designed to form a solid block of color and texture. A thick row of grasses and sedges will be planted along the sidewalk and edges of the bed to establish a clear border for the garden. Keep your eye out for signage, provided by the DOT Sign Shop, which will help visitors to identify each species.
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